75% Of Bitcoin Holders At Spot Rates Are Making Money: Data

Data from IntoTheBlock reveals that over 75% of all Bitcoin holders are in the money at spot rates when the prices are at multi-week highs, trading at around $30,000 as of writing on June 22. Bitcoin has been on a firm uptrend over the past few trading days, propelled by supportive fundamentals.

The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency is now up roughly 22% from June 2023 and is trending above crucial resistance levels, now support. At this pace, proponents expect the coin not only to continue edging higher but break above April highs and print new 2023 highs in continuation of the bullish trend of the March to April 2023 trade range.

75% Of Bitcoin Holders Are In Green

At spot rates, IntoTheBlock data shows that 75% of all BTC holders are in the money while a paltry 3% are at break even. This means these holders are not in red or green but are steady without posting any capital gains. 

Meanwhile, despite rapid gains in the past trading week, 22% of all BTC holders are losing money. There is a high possibility that these individuals bought their coins at recent cyclic tops, and considering the sharp drops in the past few weeks, they are still struggling to break even and are far from making profits.

As an illustration, while Bitcoin is at around $30,000, BTC crashed from April 2023 highs of approximately $31,000 to $24,800, a 20% drop. This followed an encouraging surge from mid-March when BTC prices rallied from $19,700 to register new 2023 highs in April, surging 56%. 

Bitcoin price on June 22| Source: BTCUSDT On Binance, TradingView

Notably, even at the current formation, bulls are expecting a resumption of this solid trend and a possible break above $31,000 in continuation of Q1 2023 performance. At that time, the uptick followed fears of a system-wide collapse of the banks in the United States. 

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) impacted Circle, the issuer of USDC, and forced capital to establish coins like Bitcoin. During that time, Binance also said they were converting their $1 billion Industry Recovery Fund to Bitcoin and other assets, including BNB and Ethereum, pumping these coins.

The Bitcoin Run Continues

Bitcoin remains supported primarily because of regulatory factors, including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reiteration that the coin is the only commodity in the nascent sector. In their legal actions against Binance and Coinbase, the regulator alleged several top-tier altcoins, including Cardano’s ADA, as examples of unregistered securities. While these coins fell, capital flowed to Bitcoin, forcing prices higher.

However, the surging interest from institutions, including BlackRock and Valkyrie, and their application for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) have been supporting prices. Whether the SEC will approve is yet to be seen. In recent years, the regulator has disapproved several Bitcoin Spot ETFs, citing manipulation and the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies.