Binance CEO Shares Details Of $20 Million Scam Attempt

Binance CEO, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has recently provided details on a failed $20 million scam attempt in a bid to keep the crypto community on alert for future occurrences.

Crypto Scammers Are “So Good Now,” Binance CEO Says

In a tweet on August 2, Changpeng Zhao described a recent scam attempt as “clever,” stating that it was “luckily” prevented as the bad actors in the crypto space seem to have gotten better. 

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Specifically, the Binance CEO drew attention to how these scammers now generate addresses with identical starting and ending letters as other wallet addresses.

Using these new addresses, they then proceed to impersonate other network participants and swindle unsuspecting crypto users. Technically, these kinds of scams are referred to as  “zero-transfer phishing attacks.”