Brace For Impact: $18.7M In SUI Set To Flood The Market, What To Expect?

The Sui Network, known for its fast-paced growth and community support, is on the verge of a notable event. On September 3rd, a massive amount of SUI tokens, worth roughly $18.7 million, will be unlocked.

Given its nature and the significant sum involved, this move could have some implications for the altcoin’s market dynamics in the coming days.

A Rewarding Gesture For The Early Birds?

The details surrounding this unlocking event have been transparently shared with the public. According to Token Unlocks, a crypto monitoring platform, this release will encompass 35.6 million SUI tokens.

This quantity represents roughly 5% of the current circulating supply and interestingly, a predominant portion of these tokens could be earmarked for the network’s early supporters.