Ethereum Whale Avoids Market Crash, Do They Know Something You Don’t?

While the broader cryptocurrency market recently took a nosedive, some mysterious Ethereum whale successfully escaped with $41 million worth of ETH. Days later, the price of ETH went down, along with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Did this whale know something the rest of the market didn’t?

Ethereum Whale Sells $41 Million Before Market Crash

In the early hours of August 18, the crypto market saw investors reacting to SpaceX selling its $373 million Bitcoin holdings, pushing down Bitcoin by more than 8% in a matter of minutes. During this period, the crypto market cap dropped to $1.1 trillion,  and Ethereum also saw its value plummet by almost 6%. 

On-chain data provided by Lookonchain reveals that a smart Ethereum whale dumped 22,341 ETH worth $41 million just prior on August 14. On-chain investigation shows that the whale moved their ETH holdings to the Binance exchange and then withdrew $41 million worth of Tether USDT.

While this whale still made a loss of $1.7 million in the sale, if they hadn’t moved their funds, they would have lost at least $5 million in the crash.