FTX Wallets Begin Moving Tokens One Month To Sam Bankman-Fried’s Trial

Following the FTX crash back in November 2022, there was still a good chunk of crypto running into the billions left in the exchange’s wallets after the new team’s recovery efforts. These tokens have sat idle for a long time in the wallet as the legal battle between the exchange and its creditors waged on.

The time of idleness for these assets may now be over though as recent activities show that a large chunk of tokens from the FTX wallets are now on the move.

FTX Wallets Come Alive

The FTX wallets are still holding large amounts of various tokens worth over $3.5 billion. These tokens include Solana (SOL) which makes up a large portion of the funds. This is because the exchange was one of the biggest backers of the Layer 1 blockchain and received a significant amount of vested SOL tokens in return.

Given the large amount that the wallets currently hold, it is a cause of concern when the entity begins moving tokens. This is what happened when on Sunday, an X (formerly Twitter) user raised awareness of the large amounts being moved out of the wallet.