New Shibarium Update Sets The Stage For Shiba Inu To Reach All-Time High

The burning of SHIB tokens has become an important part of the Shiba Inu community. Each week, tokens are sent to a ‘burn’ address by community members as they try to reduce the supply of the token. This is why the introduction of a burn mechanism for the Shibarium Layer 2 network is a welcome development for the community.

Lead Dev Says Shiba Inu Burn Portal Is Coming

In a tweet shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, Shiba Inu lead marketer LUCIE shared a much-anticipated announcement with the community. Lucie revealed in a screenshot of an exchange with the developer that a Shiba Inu burn portal for Shibarium was being developed.

This comes after a long stretch of calls for the team to introduce an automatic burn for SHIB as the Shibarium blockchain grows. However, contrary to the belief that the burn portal is exactly what is needed, the developer emphasized that “BURNS WILL NOT AND ARE NOT THE END ALL BE ALL.” Instead, the developer says that the focus should shift toward the adoption of the blockchain rather than being on just burns.