PayPal’s PYUSD Fails To Capture Interest: 90% Of Supply Remains In Paxos’ Wallet

Paypal’s Ethereum-based stablecoin PYUSD has failed to capture crypto investors’ interest. According to data from Nansen, 90% of the stablecoin’s total supply still remains with its issuer Paxos’ wallet.

Paypal’s PYUSD Adoption Setback

The payment giant Paypal’s recently launched stablecoin PYUSD continues to struggle with adoption and has failed to gain traction since its official launch on August 7, 2023.

Despite PayPal having over 350 million users worldwide, on-chain data from Nansen has shown that only a small percentage of its user base is currently using and holding the PYUSD in self-custody wallets.

“On the surface there’s a lack of demand from crypto users for PYUSD when other alternatives exist,” said Nansen in a report.

However, it is believed that lack of enthusiasm might involve the stablecoin’s lack of utility and not being able to earn interest on the stablecoin, as highlighted by an X (formerly Twitter) user in a post on August 26, 2023.