Shiba Inu Community Leaves Shibarium Launch Troubles Behind As Wallet Count Crossed 10 Million

Shibarium, the scaling solution from the Shiba Inu team, has achieved new milestones after experiencing a significant wave of adoption and user engagement following its launch. 

SHIB Community Euphoria Sparks Shibarium Meteoric Rise

According to a report on August 21, the Shiba Inu ecosystem recorded an astonishing number of new wallets, with over 10 million wallets registered following the launch of the Shibarium network. The layer-2 network also recorded over 160 million compute units and a large deposit of ETH and BONE tokens, 1,000 and 600,000 respectively. 

Shibarium’s unexpected rise in user adoption has not been the only noteworthy change the layer 2 scaling solution has experienced. According to reports, Shibarium has experienced a staggering increase in BONE staking. Over 7,569,580 BONE Shibaswap tokens were staked on the Shibarium network. 

The Shiba Inu community’s response to the Shibarium launch has left the SHIB team members dumbfounded. The enormous engagement from the community reportedly led to a temporary suspension of Shibarium for 30 minutes as the network’s capacity was overwhelmed by the unusual level of user activities. 

Lucie, a marketer for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, was astonished by the overwhelming success Shibarium experienced. She revealed in a post on X that the Shiba Inu development team had miscalculated the amount of adoption and interest the Shibarium mainnet would garner.