Shiba Inu: This New AI Meme Token Partnered With Shibarium, Surges 81%

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama recently published a new blog post about the latest developments in the SHIB ecosystem. However, while the focus of Kusama’s blog post was on Shibacals, there was a more hidden news: Shibarium’s partnership with AI meme token project Bad Idea.AI.

The project’s official Twitter account also drew attention to the news, confirming that the partnership is now official. An image within the blog post showed an overview of all official partners and tokens that belong to the Shibarium ecosystem. Among them is Bad Idea.AI.

Kusama has already spoken out in the AI meme token project’s Telegram group, expressing his delight that artificial intelligence (AI) will help decentralize Shibarium. He wrote:

Thanks to this BAD community that has given us great insight about AI for our upcoming projects. Alongside our other partners like Unification, (and some projects I believe will bring massive value to Shibarium) we now have a powerful toolset, and plan that includes AI, for decentralization. I can’t thank you enough. #hailshib that’s one thing that was never a bad idea.

Remarkably, Bad Idea.AI’s tool already caused a stir within the SHIB community in the past few days, but at that time it was not yet clear that it would become an official partner of Shiba Inu. On Saturday, June 17, the Bad Idea AI bot posted a reply in the Shiba Inu Telegram group to influencer @LucieSHIB’s question about why people attack the SHIB army.