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Earning & Advertising Network

Earn up to 500 doge every 5 minutes + PTC + CPA OFFERS + MINING

Get paid to view ads, surf ads , complete offers, watch video, cpu mining, faucet, unlimited captcha, traffic grid,social media. Advertise your website/referral with real crypto traffic! Cheap&Effective Advertisments!

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How to earn doge from Ad-Doge?

With us you can earn a lot of Dogecoins. We offer a lot of features and options to choose from. Allowing our users to earn Dogecoins.

CPA/GPT Offers

The most advanced CPA /GPT system. Users based campaigns, complete the task as in description and get Instant Doge. Earn from 2 Doge per action/task

PTC ads

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising, Advanced settings & stats. Earn from 0.25 Doge to 1 Doge/click + points + ptc credits


Complete a captcha and earn every 5 minutes up to 500 doge! You can earn unlimited DogeCoins.


Complete shortlinks and earn 0.2 doge for every shortlink completed. Are available more than 22 shortlinks daily

Daily Bonus

Complete 10 PTC + 10 VIDEO + 10 OFFERWALLS + 15 SHORTLINKS + 25 FAUCET + 25 HCAPTCHA and get 10 DOGE DAILY!

Cpu Mining

Use your CPU power to mine DogeCoins. You can mine in background and get unlimited earnings. No cloud mining! Only CPU POWER.

All Offer Walls

Earn up to 10000 Doge by completing offerwalls. Offerwalls contains: ptc,survey,register,install etc. Available Offerwalls: OfferTorro, Wannaads, ClixWall, AdWorkMedia, Offers4All, Bitswall, AdClickWall

GPT Video

Watch video on DailyMotion and earn when watch videos. Different Points rates per different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat System..Earn from 0.01 Doge to 0.03 Doge

HCaptcha Claim

Earn 0.05 Dogecoins by completing a captcha. There are no limits or waiting time. You can get unlimited earnings in no time!

Earn with Twitter!

Earn from 0.4 Doge to 0.6 Doge by following twitter pages/accounts. Also you can promote your twitter page to get more followers!

Earn by viewing Youtube videos!

Earn from 0.2 Doge to 0.4 Doge to watch youtube videos. Also you can promote your video to get more views!

3 referrals level

You can earn from 3 referrals level. From 0.1% level 3 to 5% level 1

Referral commission: 10%

Reffer users and earn commission from : upgrade purchase, banner purchase, offerwalls, gpa/gpt, traffic grid, deposits. You get 10% for direct+rented referrals

Upgrade membership

Available Memberships: Free,Upgraded,Premium. With upgrade membership you have a lot of benefits!


Weekly and Monthly contests available! WIN DOGECOINS by reffering users, ptc, offerwalls etc.


Weekly and Monthly jackpots lottery! Buy tickets and win a lot of prizes! (main balance, purchase balance)

Points System

You can earn points by referring users, ptc, gpt, traffic grid, traffic exchange, offerwalls etc. You can exchange points in doge: 100 points = 1 doge

Traffic Exchange

Earn traffic Doge by manual surfing pages. Anonimous or direct traffic options/types Earn from 0.1Doge traffic to 0. 9 Doge traffic per surfed website

Voucher codes!

Be active, check your mail,forum,social pages(facebook,twitter,telegram,youtube) to get vouchers! Always you will find an active voucher!


Be active on forum and get a lot of rewards! Testimonials, Payments, Vouchers!!

Achevement System

Earn more dogecoins by completing achievements.

How to advertise on Ad-Doge?

With us you can advertise your project/website/referral link/youtube vide/channel etc! We offers LOW PRICES and 100% crypto audience.

CPA/GPT Offers

The most advanced CPA/GPT system. Advertise with CPA/GPT from 2 D per action. "Paid SignUp/task"

PTC ads

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising. Advertise from 60 doge for 100 clicks

Traffic Exchange

Advertise your website for more traffic! Manual traffic exchange from 50 Doge/1000 visits. Anonymous/Direct traffic types.

Mini Video

Upload your video from 800doge/30 days and get up to 15% profit for your clip views.


Advertise with 469x69, 300x250,728x90 banners in user dashboard, PTC surf, faucet and hcaptcha claim . Also 728x90 banners on view watch page/surf bar iframe. Advertise from 90 doge for 100 clicks or 1000 impressions

Traffic grid

If you want to get a lot of fast and cheap traffic, the TrafficGrid advertising is the best option for you. Advertise from 10 doge/day.


With LoginAds, with website will appear for 10 seconds when users login to ad-doge. Advertise from 3000 doge/day.

Paid to promote(PTP)


Facebook Likes


Twitter Followers

Advertise your twitter account/page, you will get more followers from crypto twitter memebers.Advertise from 9 doge/ 10 followers

Youtube Subscriptions&Likes!

Advertise your video to get more youtube views or your channel to get more subscribers. Advertise from 220 Doge for 500 views

Text Ads

Advertise with Text Ads and your ad your appear on Ad-Doge.Com. Advertise from 90 doge for 1000 impressions

Our Client Testimonials

Roshan khan
Nice site reall free site
Hello, Great PTC platform. Keep doing this good work. I already received 2 payment from here so i am very happy!
excellent traffic promotion page and get goges with minimums so accessible
Shafi Ullah
Joined: 4/16/2020 Posts: 1 I think it's one of the best faucet to earn cryptocurrencies. I hope that the administration will develop the project and it will be even better than it is today. I recommend 100% The best!
I recommend the faucet As the only website is growing at such a fast pace, every few days we can find news on the site and most importantly new ways to earn Doge. The website is 100% solvent. I hope that the website will grow as long as possible. greetings and good wins!
Great Site! Fast way to earn DOGE in in just a few clicks
good web and i see every day , new things i wish you good luck
good luck
Thanks admin
I advise everyone who wants to profit to work on this site for it really is a very honest site and I have withdrawn from it before that and I would like to thank all the support team who work on this site and also thank the owner of the site
Very nice and efficient site. 100% real and good faucet. Good job
alaa eldin hegazy
very good website and its very good to add faucetpay ,thank you
Hello , i'm new in this site . I try this PTC and until now it's working. When i withdrawal i write again.
Ad-Doge, is one of my best PTC site in PTC-INDUSTRY. I have joined this project couple of months before.. and i must say... Ad-doge project provide high paying CLICK, OFFERWALL. and best platform for advertisers.... thanks admin for providing this great project... I hope, you have more projects in mind.... we are waiting.
Great platform with unlimited earning of dogecoin and advertising website huge potential for everyone
Very easy site to earn this coin. Very good for beginners.
Realy great website. A must for everybody. Nice job.
the AD-DOGE platform, is the best I've seen in these 3 years that I work with cripo.
Excellent page with several jobs to do and be able to win doges, congratulations
I think it is a very good site with many opportunities to earn! Good luck to you!
It's really one most website i never tried....excellent way to earn. i will come back often
every day we see new , that`s great
Fantastic site for earning i'm work daily and earn dogecoin free
This website is awesome and 100 real . I earned alot dogecoin from this website
Ad-Doge is easy to use and pays real cash. Keep up the good work admins. God bless you all. Thanks for creating this wonderful and useful websites.
I'm very happy.Thk for rewards.
it's the best site to get free dogecoin by surfing ads I recomend it
This site 100% legal and paying I'm thanks from admin for giving me the great opportunity.
A great platform for making gains quickly and with confidence, I advise everyone who gets off to a strong start to get started
good site.sometime when i see ad it get 100% but not showing captcha to complete.I think there be some here.Solve it soon.Otherwise it was great site
Very reputable application, can make money!
the best dogecoin site I ever seen
andrew dod
Great job , keep going
Ad-doge is the fastest growing advertising network where you get very competitive pricing and a lot of traffic and visitors to your website... And user also can earn mony from Ad-doge using their various methods of earning.
Hello, Great PTC platform. Keep doing this good work. Looking forward for payments.
Shafeeq Saeed
A well-engineered update in mining cryptocurrency as you can earn good money by simply watching ads, watching videos, taking part in several contests, completing offers. Here, find the magic way to generate leads to your online working hub and welcome unique visitors for your website. raise their erg to visit your parked domain with a great seduction
I have little time with the page and so far it is excellent, I have not had problems and it is very easy to work with it, I really recommend the page, because I feel comfortable working, and it has not fallen at all. I enter without problems so far very reliable.
The page of AD-DOGE is very good in a short time I got the amount of 5 doges, I never imagined that I could earn money in the comfort of my home and even more in the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic very good the site I have already recommended to several friends .
Finally a legit website where I can earn free Dodge...thank you for the opportunity...
An interesting and fun way to earn doge coins!!! Please add more LOL
eljamiljamel it's one of the best sites to collect a lot of dotoshies every day, with many ways to earn like ptc ads, surf ads , complete offers... Advertise your website with real crypto audience! Minimum payout is only 50 doge. Happy earnings.
Very Nice Site Easy to earn money and free.
It's excellent... I got 10 Doge for free from Voucher. Thank you so much.
I got free 10 Doge from voucher. I am greatful. Thank you
great job!
Excellent platform with various tasks, PTC, Surfing with unlimited earning
You should add daily bonus or every hour claim prize.
This site is awesome. I love it. You are doing good job everyone can earn form this site.
Shafeeq Saeed
AD Doge is an innovative platform which brings major leads to your private domains. Meanwhile, It presents nice atmosphere for the people who wished to get something good from online earning mania. Easy to complete tasks required as watching short time ads, Daily Motion videos and CPA offers for higher earnings. It fills your dream of making massive earnings without indulging in a bit of difficult. a
I am new to this site, but am happy I joined. is easy to navigate, user interface is very good, and you can earn big. Worth sharing to others.
It is really great to know that there is ad-doge to aid us. It is great that we can earn without investing for starters. Great job AD-DOGE.👍👏
I found this site is very great site to earn free Dogecoin. I am working and worth it.
excellent! I found a website that pays with many choices.
Its okay and good but to many ads .
Very nice website free reall I like this unlimited earning 🤗
This site is really great for giving us such opportunity to earn. Great dashboard and information about the task. Thank you
Excellent job and better than others sites to earn Doge coins
trusted dogecoin producer website and also 100% pay and hopefully be the best
This faucet is excellent
I love this! site!!! You can earn! unli doge just by doing small task!
Good website to earn free dogecoins many ways
shimul barua
this is very earning depending site... i will be happy for this site.
My username: osw1975
I just can't believe it this site is Amazing and good place to earn :) I love it
Best doge earning site no site pays 0.2 doge again and again and in a few seconds except
Oscar Mahecha
Excellent page!! it is seen that one can earn a lot, I highly recommend it, and thank you very much.
Real 100% legit website
You're services is awesome. I got to earn some doge without really getting sweaty over it. This is a great opportunity and I think you guys would love to make money through it. Thanks for sharing. It's fantastic and many ways to earn and more earnings to come. Godbless
Saeed sadeghi
You may not believe me, I will not enter any site. But this site has its own story that fascinated me. I suggested to all my friends to join, thank you manager for setting up such a site
Hello Ad-Doge Team A little message to thank you for this platform that I discovered and that I appreciate by its diversity. thank you for everything
Grea site/faucet to aern free dogecoins
Nice faucet get doge every time for free
Pretty Freakin Awesome so far Honestly
usuario covid19
Very god
Excellent page, I have not battled anything, very intuitive and you get enough daily doges.
It is a very nice website. And I am very happy to login this website. Actually this is awesome.
Great site, very useful
Great site! Unlimited earning of doge
ad-doge is cool
I have seen many sites like ad-doge but you were the people give worthfull pay the task we completed..I enjoy using this site the payment is genuine..
It is also good but some ads coming in between but it's ok ..Very genuine site ..
Simple coin
Nice project good lucky
Great site to earn free dogecoins, faucet and many more ways
Great site to earn free dogecoins, faucet and many more ways
Great PTC platform. Keep doing this good work. I already received 2 payment
Wow...i cant believe that they pay u to scm
there are so many ways to earn doge and ways to advertise.
i really appreciate the good works you guys are doing. am a newbie in cryptocurrency and has actually given me a good insight, thanks guys
Best Doge earning site. Very user friendly! Keep up!
This is a great site and I love the ways of earning..legit site. Best wishes...
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