Frequently Asked Questions


All accounts will EXPIRE after 90 days of inactivity => You can reactivate account free but you will LOSE all referrals and dogecoins!

All accounts will be INACTIVE after 30 days of inactivity => You can reactivate account but you must pay 1 doge/inactive day. You will not lose referrals and dogecoins. Only if you are inactive more than 90 days you will lose.

For example, after 45 days of inactvity, you account will be INACTIVE! You must pay 15 doge for 15 days and your account will be active again!

For example, after 95 days of inactvity, you account will be EXPIRED. You can activate for free but your referrals and dogecoins are gone because more than 90 days pas.

1. Registration

           When register, if you get this "your ip address has been recognized as a proxy" , please remove your proxy/vpn!

1. PIN - What`s the pin? - What do i need pin

Pin it`s for your security, pin will be asked for withdraw,change password. You can choose what pin you want from 4 digits!

2. Account

1.I forgot my password. What can i do? 

Go to Reset Password (Click here) and input your email! 

2.I forgot my PIN. What can i do? 

Go to Reset Pin (Click here) and input your email! 

3.How to add my doge wallet to 

Go to settings -> Payments (click here)



3. Dashboard



MAIN - can be withdrawed! - can be transfered in PURCHASE or TRAFFIC

PURCHASE - with this balance you can advertise(ptc,gpt,ptp etc), buy/rent referrals, jackpots, dice game - can be deposited!

COMMISSION - this balance it`s earned from referrals - can be transfered in MAIN (for withdraw) or PURCHASE

TRAFFIC - earned by surf traffic exchange - can`t be transfered - can only be used for advertising at TRAFFIC EXCHANGE

POINTS - 100 POINTS = 1 DOGE - can be transfered in PURCHASE or TRAFFIC! - can`t be withdrawed!





Hello, sometimes captcha don`t load . In this situation you can change chaptcha service.

How to do that?
(you must be logged on
Step1. Go to settings -> Click to enter settings


Step2. Press "Preferences"

Step3. You have to choose from 3 services: Google (reCAPTCHA) ,SolveMedia, Titan


Step4. Choose what service do you want, input Current PIN and click save!

That`s is!

How catpcha looks?










Hello, from now , on the PIN will be removed. Now you must confirm account! 

1. If you want to change email, you will receive a confirmation code on old email , after you input the security code, you will receive a new activation link on new email.After that you email it`s changed.

2.If you want to change payout adress, you will receive a email with a confirmation code!

3.If you want to withdraw your funds you will receive a email with a confirmation code!




Example for change email:

**Click that link to change your email adress




Example for withdraw funds: