How to earn doge from Ad-Doge?

With us you can earn a lot of Dogecoins. We offer a lot of features and options to choose from. Allowing our users to earn Dogecoins.

CPA/GPT Offers

The most advanced CPA /GPT system. Users based campaigns, complete the task as in description and get Instant Doge. Earn from 2 Doge per action/task

PTC ads

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising, Advanced settings & stats. Earn from 0.25 Doge to 1 Doge/click + points + ptc credits


Complete a captcha and earn every 5 minutes up to 500 doge! You can earn unlimited DogeCoins.


Complete shortlinks and earn 0.2 doge for every shortlink completed. Are available more than 22 shortlinks daily

Daily Bonus

Complete 10 PTC + 10 VIDEO + 10 OFFERWALLS + 15 SHORTLINKS + 25 FAUCET + 25 HCAPTCHA and get 10 DOGE DAILY!

Cpu Mining

Use your CPU power to mine DogeCoins. You can mine in background and get unlimited earnings. No cloud mining! Only CPU POWER.

All Offer Walls

Earn up to 10000 Doge by completing offerwalls. Offerwalls contains: ptc,survey,register,install etc. Available Offerwalls: OfferTorro, Wannaads, ClixWall, AdWorkMedia, Offers4All, Bitswall, AdClickWall

GPT Video

Watch video on DailyMotion and earn when watch videos. Different Points rates per different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat System..Earn from 0.01 Doge to 0.03 Doge

HCaptcha Claim

Earn 0.05 Dogecoins by completing a captcha. There are no limits or waiting time. You can get unlimited earnings in no time!

Earn with Twitter!

Earn from 0.4 Doge to 0.6 Doge by following twitter pages/accounts. Also you can promote your twitter page to get more followers!

Earn by viewing Youtube videos!

Earn from 0.2 Doge to 0.4 Doge to watch youtube videos. Also you can promote your video to get more views!

3 referrals level

You can earn from 3 referrals level. From 0.1% level 3 to 5% level 1

Referral commission: 10%

Reffer users and earn commission from : upgrade purchase, banner purchase, offerwalls, gpa/gpt, traffic grid, deposits. You get 10% for direct+rented referrals

Upgrade membership

Available Memberships: Free,Upgraded,Premium. With upgrade membership you have a lot of benefits!


Weekly and Monthly contests available! WIN DOGECOINS by reffering users, ptc, offerwalls etc.


Weekly and Monthly jackpots lottery! Buy tickets and win a lot of prizes! (main balance, purchase balance)

Points System

You can earn points by referring users, ptc, gpt, traffic grid, traffic exchange, offerwalls etc. You can exchange points in doge: 100 points = 1 doge

Traffic Exchange

Earn traffic Doge by manual surfing pages. Anonimous or direct traffic options/types Earn from 0.1Doge traffic to 0. 9 Doge traffic per surfed website

Voucher codes!

Be active, check your mail,forum,social pages(facebook,twitter,telegram,youtube) to get vouchers! Always you will find an active voucher!


Be active on forum and get a lot of rewards! Testimonials, Payments, Vouchers!!

Achevement System

Earn more dogecoins by completing achievements.

How to advertise on Ad-Doge?

With us you can advertise your project/website/referral link/youtube vide/channel etc! We offers LOW PRICES and 100% crypto audience.

CPA/GPT Offers

The most advanced CPA/GPT system. Advertise with CPA/GPT from 2 D per action. "Paid SignUp/task"

PTC ads

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising. Advertise from 60 doge for 100 clicks

Traffic Exchange

Advertise your website for more traffic! Manual traffic exchange from 50 Doge/1000 visits. Anonymous/Direct traffic types.

Mini Video

Upload your video from 800doge/30 days and get up to 15% profit for your clip views.


Advertise with 469x69, 300x250,728x90 banners in user dashboard, PTC surf, faucet and hcaptcha claim . Also 728x90 banners on view watch page/surf bar iframe. Advertise from 90 doge for 100 clicks or 1000 impressions

Traffic grid

If you want to get a lot of fast and cheap traffic, the TrafficGrid advertising is the best option for you. Advertise from 10 doge/day.


With LoginAds, with website will appear for 10 seconds when users login to ad-doge. Advertise from 3000 doge/day.

Paid to promote(PTP)


Facebook Likes


Twitter Followers

Advertise your twitter account/page, you will get more followers from crypto twitter memebers.Advertise from 9 doge/ 10 followers

Youtube Subscriptions&Likes!

Advertise your video to get more youtube views or your channel to get more subscribers. Advertise from 220 Doge for 500 views

Text Ads

Advertise with Text Ads and your ad your appear on Ad-Doge.Com. Advertise from 90 doge for 1000 impressions

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