50 doge voucher for more than 20k users registered! 6/9/2020 9:26:08 PM

Hello, allready has more than 22.000 users!!

To celebrate, we will offer a free Voucher of 50 doge! For first 1000 members!
NEW Voucher Code: FREE50DOGE
OLD Voucher code (still available) : FREE5SECPTC  
Where to claim the voucher: Here

What can i do with Purchase balance:

1.Advertise your projects to PTC - from 20 doge
2.Advertise your projects to CPA - from 1 doge
3.Advertise your projects to PTP - from 20 doge
4.Buy/rent referrals
5.Advertise your projects to banners
6.Play dice game 
7. And a lot of advertising methoods