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Payeer added for deposits and withdraws! 11/5/2020 8:23:27 AM

Hello, from today (05.11.2020) you can deposit or withdraw via PAYEER.

FaucetPay & Doge Wallet deposits has been added!

When you withdraw with payeer you will receive USD

Free members withdraw is manual (can take up to 7 days)

Active,Upgraded,Premium withdraw is instant! (300 doge max)


How to deposits funds via Payeer (2.5%fees)?

Deposit now: Click here

1. Go to menu, click Money

2. Click Deposits (quick acces click here)

3. Choose Payeer

4.Enter how much you want to deposit (in dogecoins)

5. Click Deposit


6. Click on Payeer logo!


7. Choose a currency to pay!

You can pay with: (see the picture)


8. Click Confirm and the deposit will be reflected in your ad-doge account instant!

Deposit now: Click here


How to withdraw with Payeer? (5 % FEES)

**You will receive USD**

1. Go to menu, click Money

2. Click Withdraw

3. Choose Main

4. Choose Payeer

5/6.Put your Payeer account (PXXXX)

7. Input how much you want to withdraw

8.Click Withdraw