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AdPacks Guide 4/30/2021 11:14:02 AM

Important note abouts Ad-Doge ADPACKS!

1. You can buy unlimited adpacks

2. You need to DAILY SURF to receive earnings from Adpacks:

  • Free : 30 surfed adpacks
  • Active: 25 surfed adpacks
  • Premium: 20 surfed adpacks
  • VIP: 15 surfed adpacks

3.This it`s not a hyip or ponzi scheme. Rates are very low and members must daily surf to receive the earnings. Ad-doge is online from 2019 and it`s a advertising/earning platform! NOT AN INVESTMENT PLATFORM! 


Q: What are Adpacks?

A:1. If you buy an adpack, you can advertise a link in SURF PAGE (Click here)

2.With adpacks you are advertising and earnings in the same time!


Q:How can i earn with Adpacks?

A: First of all you need to buy an adpack then surf every day requirements surfed ads)


Q: Which are Adpacks advertising methods?

A: PTC/SURF - Clicks for Display time and BANNERS : Banner (468x60) impressions and Banner (100x100) impressions


Q: What happen if i don`t surf requirements surfed ads one day?

A: In that day you will not receive adpacks earning. If next day you`re completing the requied surfed ads, then adpacks earnings will continue normal!


AdPack Types

Name Free Active Premium Premium + VIP






Price 0.1 $ 0.35 $ 1 $ 2.5 $ 5 $
Maximum Instances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Active Instances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Clicks 50 200 600 1500 5000
Display time 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s
Banner (468x60) impressions 50 200 600 1500 5000
 Banner (100x100) impressions 50 200 600 1500 5000
ROI 105% 110% 115% 120% 125%
Duration 1050d 550d 287d 240d 125d
Earnings rate per day 0.1% 0.2% 0.4% 0.5% 1%
Earnings per day 0.0001$ 0.0007$/ 0.004$ 0.0125$ 0.05$

Profit distribution

(Main  | Purchase)

75%|30%  83%|27%  91%|24%  99%|21%  107%|18%
Total Profit 0.005 $ 0.035 $ 0.15 $ 0.5 $ 1.25 $
Required Membership Free User Active Premium User Premium User VIP