Instant Payments added! 6/1/2021 9:22:02 AM

Hello, from 01.06.2021 we added BETA instant payouts!


Q1: What payments processors are instant?

A1: - FaucetPay (1% fees) ; Payeer (5% fees) ; PerfectMoney (5% fees)


Q2: What payments processors are manual?

A2: - ExpressCrypto(1% fees) ; Paypal (5% fees) 


Q3: What memberships can withdraw instant?

Q3: Only VIP Membership can withdraw instant without requirements!



Q4: What requirements are for Free,Active,Premium to instant withdraw?

A4: Free,Active and Premium memberships must have:

- Min registered days: 30

-Min previous payouts: 5

Afther the requirements are done, your payments will be instant


Q5: What is the max value for instant withdraw?

A5:You can withdraw up to 2$ for instant payment!


Q6: What`s happen if i withdraw more than 2 $?

Q6: Your payment will be processed manually in few days!


Q7: How much instant/manual withdraws can i make daily?

A7: Free,Active and Premium memberships can withdraw 1 time/day

VIP can withdraw 3 times/day