Updates! 4/28/2022 9:05:19 AM

27 june Updates:

1. Faucet/Free claim timer increased to 30 minutes!
2. Daily Bonus requirements & earning rate decreased with 100%. (From 10 tasks to 5 tasks)
3. PopTheBox earning increased with 1000% , now you can get 0.001$ for every popthebox !
4. Some push/incentive ads has been removed from some pages

Forum post can be found: here

New 0.1$ voucher: here

Don`t forget about:

JUNE PTC/ADS and OFFERWALLS Contests - 10 winners - 152$ prizes: Details : here

Summer Referral Contest - 3 months - 10 winners - 1000$ total prizes!: Details : here


21 May Updates:

Paid to promote (PTP) CPM increased to 0.5$ + FREE ADVERTISE 

Earn now with PTP: here

More details: here

Free voucher for PTP advertise: FREE100PTP

20 May updates:

Payments are processed DAILY! instead of FRIDAY.

Some intrusive ADS has been removed!

Shortlinks has been updated

New 0.1$ voucher: here


28 april updates: is now hosted on a Ryzen 3900X 12c/24t + 64GB RAM + 40gbit! 
- Faucet is called now Free Claims.

- Free claims (Faucet) timer decreased from 10 minutes to 5 minutes!
- Captcha claim has been added again. 0.00001$ for each claim, unlimited claims.
- Daily Bonus requirements has increased with 2x
- Daily Bonus reward increased to 0.025$ daily instead 0.01$

- Referral Contest - 300$ Details: here
- PTC Contest - 110$ Details: here
- Offerwalls Contest - 110$ Details: here

- JackPot available - 1$ and 30 days upgrade Details: here

New 0.2$ voucher: here


4 april updates:
- ETH,BCH,DASH,DGB,TRX Wallets has been removed.
- Now you can withdraw BTC,DOGE,LTC via Coinpayments or Direct Withdraw.
- Currency Exchange has been disabled! Now you can transfer from Main Balance to BTC,LTC,DOGE Wallets with 0% FEES!
- Fees for withdraw&deposit decreased!
- Min withdraw decreased to 0.5$ for members and 0.1$ for upgraded members.
- Daily Bonus requirements has been reduced!
- Faucet timer decrease from 20 minutes to 10 minutes!
- Dice has been addded
- Facebook likes added
- Youtube Subscribe added

More details about payments,fees,setup adress can be found here
More details about updated earnings rates can be found here
More details about updated advertising rates can be found here
Faq & Video Guides has been updated and can be found here


New 300$ Referral contest started today (4 April 2022), details: here
ADS/PTC, CPA/GPT and Offferwalls contest are now monthly! Access contest: here
New 1.3$ voucher can be found here