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Dogecoin Price Chart (DOGE/USD)

DOGE Price Statistics

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Rank: 10
$ 0.062081
Price (BTC)
$ 8.8 B
$ 331.1 M
24h Change
Total Supply
141.3 B DOGE


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All Payout History

# Wallet Amount Method Time
2416ve******gmail.com5946.16 DOGSDOGE faucetpay23 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
2415ho******[email protected]4432.25 DOGSBTC faucetpay23 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
2414mu******[email protected]71659.05 DOGSDOGE faucetpay23 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
2413im******[email protected]1018.06 DOGSusdt faucetpay1 Day, 1 Hour ago
2412ha******[email protected]10000 DOGSBTC faucetpay1 Day, 5 Hours ago
2411ma******[email protected]20000 DOGSusdt faucetpay1 Day, 5 Hours ago
2410ca******[email protected]3547.99 DOGSBTC faucetpay1 Day, 10 Hours ago
2409D7******A76sLXTzqf3dCVASTWVxzRpmNT100000 DOGSDOGE DOGE DIRECT1 Day, 11 Hours ago
2408mu******[email protected]1003.1 DOGSBTC faucetpay1 Day, 12 Hours ago
2407bl******[email protected]10000 DOGSBTC faucetpay1 Day, 13 Hours ago
2406hm******[email protected]52072 DOGSusdt faucetpay1 Day, 15 Hours ago
2405xx******yahoo.com.tw110000 DOGSusdt faucetpay1 Day, 17 Hours ago
2404ri******[email protected]1013.6 DOGSBTC faucetpay1 Day, 17 Hours ago
2403P1******39880010.01 DOGSUSD Payeer1 Day, 20 Hours ago
2402fa******[email protected]1204.56 DOGSDOGE faucetpay1 Day, 22 Hours ago
2401de******[email protected]4352.02 DOGSDOGE faucetpay2 Days, 4 Hours ago
2400ha******[email protected]60000 DOGSBTC faucetpay2 Days, 4 Hours ago
2399ir******[email protected]100000 DOGSusdt faucetpay2 Days, 6 Hours ago
2398ad******[email protected]190000 DOGSBTC faucetpay2 Days, 6 Hours ago
2397sa******[email protected]176337.18 DOGSBTC faucetpay2 Days, 7 Hours ago